Arawaza & SMAI the Brand of Champions

Karate Senpai

Best Brand directly in Italy for you!

For over 30 years we practice Competitive and Traditional Karate .
So we tested and used every Karategi or accessory for the practice of this beautiful martial art.
From our experience we have chosen to market in Italy two of the most important at international level brand, recognized by the best athletes from around the world.
Arawaza and SMAI are synonymous with quality and perfection regarding the discipline of Karate, and thanks to your trust, we will be able to offer a better service at competitive prices.

Finally we have developed a product line of our property, which is named after KS Karate Senpai.
It is a line dedicated to children and beginners, but also for more experienced practitioners.

The compromise quality / price is really interesting.

With Senpai KS online Karate we wanted to offer a viable and economic alternative to the current market, aimed at facilitating the approach to karate to all categories of practitioners.

Karate Senpai, with its offer, it is proposed to be the "professional friend" of your "practical"!